Sunday, March 09, 2003
25th Hour

25th Hour


A country in post-9/11 crisis faces its family and friends.

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The 25th hour is the time when it can escape of the consequences of its acts, it´s the time for the impossible. The conclusion in the era post 9/11 gave by Lee on film it´s that you should suffer because your damage against others, there´s no escape except 25th hour.

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The main idea is choice. The choice to do whatever you want while facing a major dilema.
On the day of 9/11 we the people had no choice but to accept the unexpected. As far as the niggerization of America
, Americans have been this way for some time now some of us just chose to look the other way.
Like many African Americans in America Monty is faced with an un-avoidable obsticle where he has no choice at all.
“Life is not fare, If I only did things differently.” Because Monty is White we are supposed to sympathize with him. however if Monty was Played by a Black
actor we would of said , “not another gangster rap movie.” No one want to hear the Black man sob story anymore so
why not put the Black guy in a White dudes body. Besides the White dude being the drug dealer is really nothing new to America, we just choose to look the other way. 

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The choice is not only a dilema by the situation that you have to choose but a consequence of the past choices; the niggerazation of America is the result of some choices that could affect not only to the people that elect that but all people. There´s a cause in every event or act that is done so you just have a limitated options to choose at really; the freedom of some choice is not only gave in the present for the future but of the past

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Very interesting.  Maybe a little too moralist in the way that the only reliable character seems to be the old drunk US (some kind of “average citizen”), who probably is responsible for everything that happened in the movie.  I rather think that at the end of the movie the old blue collar father is finally assuming his share of responsability for what happened to his son (new America).

Just one little detail, US Congress has never given puertorricans the chance to become a state (and probably never will).  I’m not saying that otherwise we (puertorricans) would have chosen to become a state but i guess, until then, we’ll never know.  Also,  if you live in Puerto Rico and have a federal job you have to pay federal taxes.  Either way, your interpretation of the purpose of naturelle’s nationality is right on the money and certainly we puertorricans (as characters) represent certain duality that derives from Puerto Rico’s ambiguos political relation with the US.

Finally, is US facing consequences and accepting responsabilities or is it repeating its past misdoings?

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Well I truly think of the title THE 25TH HOUR as the hour where you see that there’s no sudden beginning (out of scratch) of a new day, only a continuation of that day… do you really think Monty’s fantasy final could happen? That he could just sleep it off?

For this film, it’s time to stop trying the “sleep it right off”, and taking responsibilities for our lives. In many ways.

This is going all the way to The 203050th hour… it’s only a natural reaction, a continuation (even if unfair, or way, way too horrible). For Spike Lee’s ending, there is no 1th hour… that’s pure fantasy. Listen to him in those dvd’s audio comment…

America will need these “common man” on the mid-america as you so perfectly said… and aside from that, the term “niggerization” truly speaks what’s going on. Far away from the pseudo-simulacrum-macho-gangsta for consumers and television.  It’s the real thing, even worse than the real thing.

At the mirror (and American History X), he says:

- “Slavery ended one hundred and thirty seven years ago. Move the fuck on!” “how long does it take to get your act together?”

Monty needs to get ugly, he’ll face the knee on his back and the various pe**s on his teethless mouth. Everybody will (or should), according to Spike Lee.

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