Sunday, February 09, 2003


Through a Movie Screen Darkly

Charlie Kaufman fights self-reference with paradox in an effort to escape his own screenplay.

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Beautiphul interpretation. I really loved this movie and it’s themes, and I hope Charlie’s next film with Jim Carrey, The Enternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, will be as powerful.
Does anyone know any info behind the whole Charlie/Donnie deal? Apparently there is no such person as Donald Kaufman, yet doesnt the screenplay credit go to Charlie and Donald Kaufman?! I’ve searched far and wide and Charlie is really reluctont to comment. Anyone? Anyone?

Posted by Matthew Campanile on 28 Aug 03 at 05:21 AM

For me the movie is simply about passion. Some have so much that it’s dificult for them to harness (Charlie). He litterally can’t function because of it…unlike his brother. Others use it to shield themselves from reality (Laroche). And, finally…some people have a missguided view of it (Susan). She believes that passion does not exist for her. So she seeks out what she believes it (passion) to be. All the while not realizing that passion is not purely about any object. It’s about how we relate to that object. How we see ourselves in that object. Essentially it’s about ourselves. About our identity.

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donald kaufman does not exist. he’s a creation of charlie’s and the first fictional character ever to get nominated for an oscar.

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