Thursday, March 17, 2005

And you thought WE took movies seriously.

While we’re on the subject of cinema as the new cathedral, here’s the historical two-step argument that gets you there: 1.) psychiatry is the new religion, and 2.) cinema is simply (therefore) the new psychotherapy. If Paul Vitz was right all along, then cinematherapy is just catching up.  Somebody want to write a piece called, “Hey—it’s just a movie!”? Meanwhile, take a minute to look up the etymology of the word “therapy”—some pretty interesting reading in the “things come full circle” department.

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cinema = psychotherapy? Sounds a little like saying that fluffy clouds or swirls in coffee can serve as Rorschach tests, therefore looking at clouds or coffee = Rorschach therapy. There has to be a little more intent involved than just looking at a cloud or watching a movie.

Posted by Deidzoeb on 18 Mar 05 at 06:53 PM
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