Wednesday, March 31, 2004
Being John Malkovich

Being John Malkovich

Who’s a Puppet?

Celebrity stalkers are only being honest.



We are all puppets and puppeteers in some way. It’s a neverending cycle that, well, never ends. There is always someone or something that people want control over but they don’t see that they already have control over something. Even if you don’t think you have control over something you do. And that is you. You control who you are and what you do.
Sometimes a puppeteer will come along and you might think they have control over you and that you are doing something you don’t have control of, you do. You have control over everything that you do. It’s just that some of the choices you have aren’t the best or are limited so that you believe you can’t control yourself. Doing things without thinking about them usually happen becuase somewhere in your mind you are thinking too much about but are covering up your thinking with stupidity. That is why most of the things you do without thinking are in fact stupid and regretable.
This is just my take on the whole thing so you may agree or disagree with what I am saying.

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