Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Boomer ‘Revisionists’

Sigh. “Just as The Big Chill (1983) voiced older boomers’ worries over ticking biological clocks and waning idealism in their 30s, Something’s Gotta Give reflects new concerns as the generation heads toward 60. ‘They’ve defined themselves by their youthful attitudes, so what are they going to do now?’ Thompson says. . . . This is hardly the last filmgoers will hear from boomer ‘revisionists,’ Thompson predicts. ‘We’ll see different images of the “old-old,”’ he says. ‘They’re going to make us follow them right into the grave, inevitably, though they’ll make it clear they’re not actually consenting to go into it.’” (Marilyn Elias, “In ‘Something’s Gotta Give,’ boomers see themselves,” USA TODAY, 22 Dec 2003) Thanks to boomer deathwatch for the link.

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