Monday, January 23, 2006

Dark Art

Dark Art

Chris Fujiwara at The Boston Globe writes a nice piece that is both meditative review and further exploration of the theme of Mark Conard’s new book, The Philosophy of Film Noir.  It’s a subject clearly dear to Fujiwara’s heart, who already has a book out on a similar theme, and whose upcoming biography on Otto Preminger will be read with eagerness by those on this side of the pond, since Paul Glass, the soundtrack composer for the increasingly creepy narrative of Preminger’s 1965 Bunny Lake Is Missing, is also a professor at Franklin College Switzerland.  And as it turns out, a remake of Bunny Lake Is Missing is slated for 2007.  I had thought FlightPlan was already the remake, but that was an impression gleaned only from the previews; I’ve still not seen the film.

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