Tuesday, April 20, 2004


Here’s a provoking take on Lars von Trier’s 2003 film as a meditation on Matthew 11.20–24. “I submit that Dogville makes more sense and is meatier when seen as a religious film rather than a political one, the unfortunately crude and literal closing credits notwithstanding. But as a religious work of art, Dogville is a rare breed today—unapologetically moralistic, and displaying and justifying the most unpopular Christian doctrine of all—Hell.” (Victor Morton, 24fps Magazine)

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I disagree with your view that this film should be seen as religious, even more so with it being hell.  This is most definitely about humankind on earth, specifically America. It potrays humans’ (Americans’) unforgivable inability to accept outsiders and our somehow instinctual ability to take advantage of outsiders. Think about foreigners. Think about how immigrants are treated in this country. Then think about how she is repeatedly raped. Think about how initially they wouldn’t allow her to work, and then suddenly they couldn’t survive without her—they needed her for the shit work. Then think about how they forced her to work for next to nothing and bribed her with her own freedom to remain there.

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I agree with emily on that what she says is one of the themes. But i also beleiv e that is an exploration of human nature and condition.

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