Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Face of an Angel

What do the films Bruce Almighty and The Green Mile have in common with The Family Man, the Matrix movies, and Ghost? All feature black characters whose main function is to help a white hero through magical or supernatural means. These are Hollywood’s ‘black angels,’ whose popularity has surged in recent years—so much so that in an episode last year of The Simpsons, Homer mistook a black man in a white suit for an angelic visitor, all because (according to his embarrassed wife) he’d been seeing too many movies lately” (David Sterritt, The Christian Science Monitor, July 11, 2003). Suffers, perhaps, from a too-literal reading of some of these films, but worth pondering nonetheless.

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And ‘The Preacher’s Wife’.
And ‘What Dreams May Come’.

Suggestion: To make it to the top as a black actor, you gotta have a lot of spirit!

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