Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Fight Club’s Hidden Conflict

Now here’s a reading we hadn’t seen before, and one we really like. The struggle in Fight Club is the struggle to exercise free will in a spiritually tone-deaf culture. “This ending makes the real conflict in the film perfectly clear: Fight Club is about the reality of spiritual warfare. As the late Fr. Malachi Martin noted in his book Hostage to the Devil, the world portrayed in Fight Club—violent, hedonistic, cruel, ugly, filthy, degraded, and passionate but bereft of genuine love—is what prevails when demonic forces possess human subjects who open themselves up to such influences.” (Peter Alig and S. T. Karnick, “Fight Club’s Hidden Conflict,” American Outlook, Summer 2000.) Thanks to Mr. Karnick for the tip.

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Tyler Durden as a demonic spirit.  Hysterical!  Talk about your basic polarization. Tyler is without love - a questionable POV.  Tyler is not, shall we say it?, Christian.

I guess then that Marla must be Mary Magdalene.  She’s a missionary attempting to convert the Narrator (Ed Norton) by excorizing Tyler. 

But doesn’t Tyler represent manhood?  If he’s not Christian what does that say about man’s ‘spirit’ in a Christian world?   

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