Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Fruitful, Consuming Paranoia: A Sci-Fi Master’s Madness

Speaking of Blade Runner, in a spectacular feat of serendipity, Sam Munson has a book review in the New York Observer on the latest biography of Philip K. Dick. “The progression from Blade Runner through Total Recall to Paycheck has all the hallmarks of one of his stories—black irony, psychological degradation, and the implication of a vast conspiracy organized to deceive and persecute one man. The young Dick would have written it as a dark comedy, the older as a bizarre Christian fable. Dick’s journey from neurotic bohemian to full-blown religious psychotic is as fascinating a tale as anything he ever wrote. . . . Mr. Carrère . . . has seized on the fact that Dick’s books resulted, almost uniformly, from progressively more serious derangements of his psyche.” If you’re interested, please buy the book here. And here I thought our interpreter was making it all up this time. Sorry for doubting you, Dan.

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