Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Hindu Matrix?

Hinduism is one worldview that has not yet been applied to the trilogy and, depending on the curve ball thrown by the Wachowskis in Revolutions, it may or may not be helpful in the end” (Julien R. Fielding, “Reassessing The Matrix/Reloaded,” Journal of Religion and Film, Vol. 7 No. 2 October 2003). A very interesting section on Hinduism—a faith that does have sufficient apparently contradictory layers that could explain anomalies in the Matrix philosophical universe—redeems an otherwise uncompelling treatment of attempts to interpret the films by reference to religion. Dr. Fielding’s overall assessment is botched by fundamental misreadings of Christianity and Gnosticism—and while we’re no experts on Eastern faiths, there are good signals that Buddhism and Hinduism are suffering from his treatment too. Still, raises some additional points for speculation.

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