Sunday, December 14, 2003

Kill Bill, Vol. 1

This, in the end, is the most troubling thing about Tarantino and his work, of which Kill Bill may well be the best representative: not the violence but the emptiness, the passivity, the sense that you’re in the presence not of a creator but of a member of the audience—one who’s incapable of saying anything about real life because everything he knows comes from the movies. (It occurred to me, after I left the Kill Bill screening, that Tarantino may well think that ‘revenge is a dish best served cold’ really is an ‘Old Klingon Proverb.’) People worry about Tarantino because they think he represents a generation raised on violence; but it’s as a representative of a generation raised on televised reruns and replays of videotapes that he really scares you to death.” (Daniel Mendelsohn, “It’s Only a Movie,” New York Review of Books, December 18, 2003) Good stuff. Thanks to Caleb Stegall of The New Pantagruel for the link.

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