Monday, November 17, 2003

Matrix Revolutions, The Corporate Mofo Guide

Ken Mondschein is back with an amusing and generally helpful exegesis of Matrix 3. Something to do with Plato vs. the Nominalists. “Just as Trinity couldn’t have survived the final encounter, neither could Neo. (What kind of life could they have, anyway? They’re archetypes, not characters. What would they do, raise a bunch of clichés?)” Seems like a lot of this stuff got deconstructed a few centuries ago. The problem with ignoring historical philosophy and theology is that you have to go through the same tired theories over and over again. But then, it’s all too easy to see only what you want to see.

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why are the major metphilm players so afraid of this movie?  why the constant slighting and ridiculously overrought cynicism?  i mean come on.  so you didn’t like it.  get over it and move on.  you’ve already accused the films of being cia-style mind control,  nazi lizardmen propoganda that will enslave us all into…what?  well that’s not ever clear in any of the ten thousand matrix articles on here, but then fearmongerers aren’t about presenting evidence, let alone solutions to problems.

“but then, its all too easy to see only what you want to see.”

exactly right.  but not like the metaphilm staff writers who know evil when they see it!  right?


look i don’t mean to be rude.  i just want my old metaphilm back.  one that’s intelligent and thought-provoking, instead of irrational and inflamatory.  if that means never ever mentioning the matrix again, i can’t say i’d complain. 

Posted by bibble on 18 Nov 03 at 02:37 AM

I don’t think that “afraid” is quite the right reading of recent pieces on the Matrix franchise. There is probably a certain disillusionment with the W brothers. They raised high expectations and did not, in my opinion, deliver very well. I do not think that any of our responses are particularly irrational. But then, it’s hard to argue about taste.

One reason we have the phlog is so that we can highlight other interpretations that differ, sometimes radically, from our feature interpretations. You’re perfectly capable, obviously, of disagreeing with my comments about items we include. If you disagree with a phlog post or a philm interpretation, write an alternative interpretation, stick it on a blog somewhere, and I will phlog it.

In the nature of blogging, I must say that I reserve the right to be just as ornery as any of our readers! If you think we’re getting out of hand, say so. But it appears that this comment that irritated you provoked thought, so I’m not too disappointed.

And no, I have no intention of exempting ourselves from my comments. I consider “seeing what you want to see” a near truism about the human condition. It might be better expressed as “seeing what you expect to see” or “finding what you’re looking for rather than what’s actually there.” We filter the evidence through our worldviews. Different viewpoints often equals different readings of the same text. All readings are flawed, but some are more flawed than others. It may be that you have more sympathy with what you see the W brothers trying to say than I do.

And, of course, not all the Metaphilm writers are coming from the same place. Not hardly. Thanks for reading.

Posted by editor on 18 Nov 03 at 11:50 AM

I the world that REALLY governs the matrix..the world the movie only addresses at the end of revolutions… purpose is the only thing that matters….and purpose is GIVEN by even ‘higher-ups’... so the climax.. the ‘kiss and the end of the movie’... was the fullfilling of that PURPOSE.. the ‘pupose that drives us….that binds us’ -Smith…

and that is the most important thing….
and when you drill down on the matrix.. it is it’s plot… and the movie matrix is like a bulls eye…. every aspect of the movie feeds off itself to create and endless possiblity of answers to the REAL question.. what is the matrix… which was NEVER actually answered in the movie….. considering the fact that we all believed Morpheus’s explaination in the first movie… but failed to realize (as he did) that everything he thought was true wasn’t…  use the bull’s eye to drill down on that fact… and realize the matrix IS purpose… IT’s also the TITLE…

this is my first post on this site… but it is a GOD send to me because this is the thing that has been plaguing my mind for the past 3 years…. and movies are kind of like my ‘medicine’ to the false realities we call earth.. and wondering why I’m here in the first place….. the answer are everywhere around…. just as in all movies.. even though the human creator(s) of the movie thought they were comming up with a fantasy.. it’s all reality anyway….. but I know.. only a small few have the capacity of understanding and believing that fact…

and myself 23 w/out a college degree or any of that reality based success… well.. let me stop there… but I’ve already fallen in love w/ this site… and I’m very happy that it was created…and I’m going to recommend it to those who will understand..and not only understand..but believe it..and live it…

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heheh.  you go havok.  :)

Posted by bibble on 18 Nov 03 at 05:28 PM

And remember.  The matrix was written and directed by the same people.  The two brothers. 

AND.  ALL of the actors in the movie were perfect..down to the extras.  No BIG BIG stars (except fishburn, and Reaves).. but VERY effective acting done. 

Note the scene in Reloaded where they met the program(the one w/ the wife at the table in the resturant)..Meril Venge.. (or however it’s spelled) and when they were walking toward him..for a split second they showed the man who was leaving the program…and you heard the little sound when he looked at neo…

Well the point is.  The Matrix is not only a movie.. but a way of life… in the well as what the movie has done for many people’s state of ‘reality’...

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 18 Nov 03 at 06:36 PM

The Matrix as a way of life? That is just sad

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