Monday, October 22, 2001
Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive

This Is Not a Movie

David Lynch makes a two-hour intro to literary theory. Who needs “ceci n’est pas une pipe”? We have “no hay banda.”

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“The critics say don’t expect logic” ?????

The critics are just lazy!

Does the movie follow a clean line like most of the Hollywood glossy flicks? No. Its too bad that we seem to be losing our sense of artistry when it comes to this medium. Its the same as someone saying: don’t expect beauty in reference to a Van Gogh.

Instead it tells a story in a very life-like manner.

Not expecting logic is giving up on the movie. The idea may be complex and it may be difficult to comprehend. But, that doesn’t make it incomprehesible.

Fantasy is a world in which we all live in from time to time. We draw from our hard reality for the building blocks. They don’t always make sense. Is it hard to decipher between betty and Diane’s fantasy and reality? Maybe it’s hard for her as well. That’s the point.

Consequence cannot be avoided. Obsession is powerful. Sex is real. Pain manifests itself in violent ways.

Dianne creates a fantasy in which she has complete power over the thing she wishes to posses…......Camilla. A fantasy in which the consequences of her actions are avoided all together to create a new reality. But fantasy can will always yield to reality. After all Diane is not insane. Just disturbed.

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I agree with the analysis of the author in their conclusions on the meaning constructed in the film.  As the author of the article points out, there is logic, even if every scene can’t neccesarily be deciphered with ease.  I for one couldn’t quite work out the symbolism of the creature behind the restaurant??

However I disagree that it is therefore a meaningless construction, in that it makes the ideas of derrida/foucault and such accessable to a much larger audience.  As such it is valuable.

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