Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Music in a Foreign Language

Music in a Foreign Language

I know this is a film site, but please do yourself a favor and go out now   and purchase Lloyd Cole’s latest album, Music   in a Foreign Language. Any one of Cole’s albums deserves to   be the soundtrack to its own film (the way Aimee   Mann’s songs singehandedly inspired P.T. Anderson’s Magnolia into   existence), but this latest album of Lloyd’s is particularly beautiful   and filmic in its lush and melancholy tone—so I’m plugging it here   in hopes that some movie mogul will finally realize what an underappreciated   gem this guy is, and give him more than a one-song credit for the soundtack   to their next movie. If you’re already a fan, you know the films; if   you’re not, there are two that I know of: the title song on My   Beautiful Laundrette and “Margot’s Waltz” on There’s   Something About Mary. Two completely different films, one musician   to span the gamut—he’s that good. But oh, my, he’s so much   better than even that.

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