Friday, December 31, 2004

Napoleon Dynamite

S. T. Karnick and colleagues at The Reform Club are discussing Napoleon Dynamite. Hunter Baker likes it, but suggests that the film is driven by “early 80’s nostalgia . . . It’s a lot like moving through a really interesting museum.” Karnick himself suggests the film is worth watching since it “does a wonderful job of showing how conservatism works to create social order but ultimately can suppress the creative urges that are the lifeblood of any society and any economy. For a society to function well and create a truly rich environment, there must always be a balance between conservative forces and those for reform.” Sounds promising.

Speaking of liberalism and conservatism, Karnick also has a new piece up on Tech Central Station that is a reassessment of The Bells of St. Mary’s, which he says has undeservedly lost its reputation as a great film. He views the film through the lens of its treatment of fathers and sons, quite effectively. Makes me want to go and see the film again.

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