Saturday, November 10, 2001
Tyler Durden

Rebel Consumer

If I’m not my f’ing khakis, am I my f’ing leather pants?

Fight Club wants you to shop—at really cool stores.



Are you being sarcastic or not? I really can’t tell. If you are, you make a really good point.

And any cloths can convey a “fuck consumerism” vibe once they get old enough. It’s not Tyler’s style per-se, but it’ll do.

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In the same vein as Tom’s comment, please tell me your entire spiel on anti-consumerism was aimed to be satirical in that it undermines the essence of re-defining oneself through another “lifestyle obsession.”

If so I celebrate your wit.

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The only way why Brad Pitt is dress well in the movie is that hes Norton ( narrator) projection of what he’d like to be , so theyre no possibly that you dream yourself worse than you are actually . thats why its Brad pitt and he look good , thats how narrator wish he was . you can only dream of a better Self .

thats what happen when a movie is misinterpreted by younger ages then the one the movie actually target . kid ending dreses like tyler durden .
im tired of those fight club jacket on ebay .

Tyler should be exactly the last person youd want to be like , and so is Narrator ( Norton ) . somewhere in the middle would be more appropriate as a form a living and you know it , thats why you have internet and post here . you dont squat in an abandonne house .

Tyler durden is far from a reference of a lifestyle .

the movie point is to show how radical humans are in their thinking and living , thats how we think and act , we really go from one extreme to the other and later find a middle between them .

instead of finding a lifestyle more suitable , the narrator really went to the extreme of a lifestyle .

n-e way thats how i see it , i would want to be like Tyler durden , he wouldnt be a life reference .

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