Friday, November 12, 2004

Shaun of the Dead

S. T. Karnick has a great piece on Tech Central Station interpreting the zombie movie and particularly Shaun of the Dead, which we noted a while back. “But as with Romero’s films, the ghoulishness and mayhem have a greater purpose. The mess and tangle in the streets, the violent public behavior, and the frequent sirens don’t set off any alarm bells among the central characters, although we know that these disturbances are all being caused by zombies in their shambling hunt for food. That this level of disorder has become so commonplace in the Britain of today, and that people have become resigned to it, is a highly accurate satirical point.” Ah! but it’s a romantic comedy, and Karnick on this element is worth the read: “Aimed at showing a young couple overcoming numerous barriers to reach wedded bliss and heal the ills of society, the romantic comedy commemorates the triumph of life over death. Thus the conventions of the form fit this zombie story surprisingly well, on both the literal and symbolic levels.”

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