Tuesday, November 20, 2001
Brad Pitt is Mickey in Snatch


Snatched from the Food Chain

Animal Planet meets Magnolia as Guy Ritchie gives us a taste of Social Darwinism. Can we escape the food chain?



Ok, your article was great. I completely agree on the concept that this movie is survival of the fittest. I also noted in your article that you had referenced the pikey Mickey(Brad Pitt) as a parallel to Christ. I just wanted to touch on this and add a few more parallels to contribute to that point.

First off, Mickey is basically fatherless. Like Christ, who is born to a virgin mother, Mary. Christ however, is the son of God a being that isn’t physically present during his life, Mikey also must have had a father but he too is not present.

We also see them both coming from humble/nomadic lives. Traveling from city to city, both in a sense leaving items of their presence behind. Christ, of course, leaving behind the word of God and performed miracles. The Pikies leaving behind their dogs as part of deals they have made.

Now it was also mentioned that Turkish and Tommy could indeed represent humanity, if we make this comparason we could make a connection of the boxing match to the death and resurection of Christ. We can start with the death of his mother symbolizing the act of betrayal Christ had received from Judas. Mickey had put trust in humanity(Turkish and Tommy) and it was broken when Brick Top set out and burned his mother’s caravan. Mickey’s final boxing match could represent the beating Christ had received before he was in fact crucified. They both had the power to make it stop but both endured the beating for humanity. Finally Mickey gets knocked out and has an out of body experience. Most associate seeing themselves outside of their body more of an experience of death. Mickey then comes back from the ‘dead’ to knock out his opponent.

To touch more on the religious undertone that surrounds Mickey, the scene in the alley after the fight is over. Mickey is the only one that doesn’t flinch when the gunshot sounds. Mickey knew of a greater plan surrounding the fight than that of ‘humanity’. His plan that Turkish or Tommy didn’t know about was winning the match and avenging his mother. Turkish and Tommy were both saved when they had been forced into putting their faith into Mickey. Much like those who put their faith into Christ it is said they are to be given life. Turkish and Tommy both were given life by Mickey when Brick Top had been shot, as mentioned in the article Turkish’s response to Tommy was that they wont make it out of the building alive.

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