Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Book of Denzel

Terry Mattingly, of Get Religion, gives an interesting interview and story with Denzel Washington about The Book of Eli and Training Day, among others.

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That was a very good interview :) I recall a TV show that was on before ABC’s Hit Show Lost.

It was very similar to Lost and this new Denzel Washington movie.
Passengers were stranded on an island or in a tropical forest.
On account of their plane crash.
Eventually they encountered some natives and these people who seemed to have no knowlegde of the modern world.

Were surprisingly well aware of many Judeo-Christian Teachings & Stories!
In due course there was a Clash of Civilizations of sorts and upon the series finale episode.One of the plane crash survivors(C.Thomas Howell character) found the Holy Bible and he offered it to the indigenous folk-

It was quite a kick-ass cliffhanger really! :D

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I’m a big fan of The Book of Eli. It really wasn’t what I expected which made it a nice surprise.

Posted by Tony on 29 Nov 10 at 03:21 PM
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