Thursday, May 29, 2003

The Matrix as Midrash

Finally, a semi-reasonable explanation of the orgy scene in Reloaded. Just “a little interpretative imagination makes the Matrix universe almost as Jewish as the Mishnah. . . . In the second film, there’s everything from Shabbat to the Jewish definitions of freedom and hope in the human purpose.” Thus, “after all, what are the citizens of Zion but a sort of chosen people, not superior but simply serving a different role by shining a light for their fellow humanity still inside the Matrix? And what was that massive party if not their version of Shabbat, dropping their toils and struggles to embrace the possibility of a world where the machines have been defeated, just as we embrace the possibility of tikkun olam fulfilled?” (Bradford R. Pilcher, “The Matrix as midrash,” Jewsweek Magazine, May 27, 2003)

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