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Thursday, May 04, 2006

V for Vendetta

A reader has asked for any interpretations of V for Vendetta. Send ‘em in or post a link in the comments.

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This is one of those rare cases in which in my opinion,the Film Adaptation of V for Vendetta is far better than the Graphic Novel!

The Film just has a much more focused and structured story.The Graphic Novel had to many characters and the story dragged on for far to long.

Now some might say that Alan Moore was trying to give the impression that a full year had passed & by showing the lives of multiple people who were living in the A.U. Britian of his graphic novel.
This gave it a greater sense of versimilitude.

Well,be that as it may.I found the Warchoski Brother’s version of the story,more to my pallete.

What is the messege of the film?
Be not a docile consumer.Do not just stick your head in the sand like an ostritch.Be strong & courageous.

“People shouldn’t fear there governments.
Governments should fear there people.”
I interpret this as,
Pro Accountability…The citizenry must hold elected officials accountable for thier actions and inactions.
But seeing as how we sort of are living in a “Snitches get stitches culture”.
A place where ‘Whistleblowers’ are few & far between.
Sigh,Heaven help us!

Psyche & Eros…That is who Evey & V remind me of (in a way).She never sees his face or discovers his true name.But V causes us all to ask ourselves this question; “What matters more? Who I am or How I treat you?

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