Monday, November 22, 2010
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Through the Maze

Meaning is where you make it.

By Quinn A.C. Nicholson :::

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The Dreamers

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Book cover of Walker Percy's the Moviegoer at FiftyWalker Percy’s The Moviegoer at Fifty: New Takes on an Iconic American Novel has just been released from LSU Press. This well-received collection of twelve new essays includes a contribution from Jonathan Potter and Read Mercer Schuchardt revisiting “The Moviegoer’s Cinematic References.”

This is the first critical work devoted solely to Percy’s debut novel. Coinciding with the centenary of his birth, this collection offers fresh perspectives that underscore the novel’s ongoing relevance.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rosebud - Meet Erica

Zadie Smith does justice to the Facebook Generation, and the film The Social Network.

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McLuhan, Star Wars, and Acoustic Space

Who knew?  If you want to understand acoustic space and the digital world we live in, Marshall McLuhan says to watch the original 1977 Star Wars:  “at the exact moment Solo puts his spaceship into warp speed or ‘Hyper-Space,’ all those pinpoints of light stand still.  He’s travelling faster than the Speed of Light, and thus the space freighter becomes simultaneous and everywhere at once—the properties of acoustic space.”

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