Thursday, June 12, 2003

2 Fast 2 Furious

Shaz suggests that this sequel is, like Top Gun, a movie about coming out of the closet:

2 Fast 2 Furious is subversion on a massive level. It says it’s all about action and the booty. Now I’m a big-breasted woman myself, and when I’m in a relaxed stance my boobs don’t stick out like torpedoes! Eva Mendes juts out her fake boobs through the entire movie. Try to catch her once in a relaxed posture, I dare you! But it’s just a distraction. The film is desperately trying to show you how to be cool, good-looking, and butch all at the same time. But while Tyrese and Walker try to look butch and macho, they come off as two repressed homosexuals. Gays will love the pseudo-fight scene—dirt, ripped shirts, and muscles, too! It’s sooo fake, you’ve gotta love it! 2 Fast will go down (so to speak) as a cult B-movie classic.”

We wouldn’t know—we didn’t see it. But Shaz joins others out there with additional arguments that sound plausible.

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agree with everything!

but a coment like this in certain point can only be made by a homosexual himself since a heterosexual person is too iluded by the boob’s to compreend…
am i right?

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