Saturday, July 12, 2003
28 Days Later

28 Days Later

Cool and the Triumph of the Bike Messenger

A guy who keeps his cool in the fight against rage, “Jim” takes his place as the best hero of the summer, the one we’d really like to be.



Way overrated. Film is too interested in being “cool.” Terrible homage to Rambo near the end.

First third, where the “hero” is keeping his trap shut and walking around a deserted London is the best part of the film.

I had read the script years ago and thought, “man, I hope they re-write this pretenious army ending.” Sadly they didn’t.
Overall: B-

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i saw this film on an off-day… a day off from work. i was interested in it because i’d read that it had obvious visual similarities to romero’s “night of the living dead” (only one of the scariest films ever made): they’re there… but this film wants to be liked too much to really explore the answers to what might really become of civilisations in the event of a plague of the kind that place in the fictional world it creates.

there’s also a few logical flaws - like how are the rampaging infected alternatively stealthy and cunning, then mindless and frenzied - that i could’ve overlooked had the film been more explorative with the subject matter.

i’d recommend it…but, don’t expect to see a contemporary horror masterpiece.

Posted by dreamon on 16 Jul 03 at 06:32 PM

This film is a travesty, at best a nice collection of famous film clips. It starts out copying “Night of the Living Dead”, breaks into “The Omega Man”, becomes “Dawn of the Dead”, and ends up with the “Day of the Dead” and has little of “The Postman” thrown in for good measure. The producers/writers should give credit where credit is due!!!

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Hey, you have to admit; the music was cool!

Posted by c-double on 19 Feb 04 at 02:57 PM

I disagree. You do not have to be cool, you do not have too know any other movies you guys say it refers to and offcourse, you do not have to know the music becouse it is music who fits to the movie excelent.

But I like your point. Movies that assume and demands that you are at that age and that sosialgroup too understand it and the signs in it are indeed superficial. But this film, and the director Danny Boyle I feel are not superficial at all. Take the happy ending for an example, no hipster director would dare too let a film end that optimistic. The same with his movie Millions, you cant say that it is a superficial, cool film?

please dont pay notice to my terrible english.

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