Sunday, June 01, 2003

A Culturewatcher’s Take on The Matrix

Dick Staub suggests five “real lessons” that “the Culturally Savvy Christian will observe” in The Matrix. They include that “America, known for its lack of intellectual curiosity and religious sentimentality, turns out to have genuine fascination with new, novel and different ideas, so long as they are packaged in an action-adventure, sci-fi, special-effects rich environment” ( Some good points for his target audience. But somebody please hire this gent a copyeditor.

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Me being an englishman i have a different take on this movie. Please forgive any mistakes in my thoery for i have only started to take an interest with philosophy. But i belive that this movie not only opens peoples minds to studying other cultures and the overall sameness of religions but it could be seen as a bible for the 21st century. in this world full of apathy could it be said that the only way to appeal and get these ideas across was to gloss it up with kung fu. This is like the gnostic bible of sorts any one agree?

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