Thursday, June 19, 2003

All the Rage: The Hulk in Us All

An interesting piece on Hulk, suggesting that oftentimes the “journey to humanity requires a detour through beastliness.” “The movies are filled with fables of boys who need to make sound decisions and behave better if they want to become a real man—the Pinocchio syndrome—but the Hulk is the antidote to all that. He’s the poster boy for male desocialization.” A big part of the appeal is because the “Hulk actually likes himself. He’s the last uncomplicated man. Leave it to Banner to be moody and wistful and self-absorbed and all those things that the modern cringing male has become. The Hulk knows who and what he is.” (Joel Achenbach, “All the Rage: The Hulk in Us All,” The Washington Post, Thursday, June 19, 2003; Page C01). We know Larry Wachowski’s got problems, but is Hulk the best icon of “true” masculinity?

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