Friday, March 26, 2004

Ancanar Footage to Premiere at Ringbearer’s Day

Ancanar Footage to Premiere at Ringbearer’s Day

In eager expectation of the upcoming Ringbearer’s Day, we suggest you take a peek at the official Ancanar site to get to know more about this story.  At Ringbearer’s Day, New Yorkers will be the first American audience to see footage from this exciting new Tolkien-inspired film.

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The New York Tolkien Society is very proud to bring this exclusive first look to an American audience of the Tolkien-inspired film Ancanar. Only shown at the Gathering of the Fellowship in December 2003,the Ancanar presentation in NYC will be modeled after the one at the Dec 03 event. Following the footage there will be a panel discussion and audience Q&A, also on hand will be Joe Piela and Jenna Brocious of the Lonely Mountain Forge, who forge the Arms and Armour of the film. We will have Ancanar postcards and posters on hand.

We truly hope that the Metaphilm Tolkien fans come and share with us the unique and respective treatment to Tolkien’s themes and join in rally to Ancanar’s call.

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