Thursday, July 03, 2003

Blockbuster mentality killed movie creativity

AMPAS president Frank Pierson has a recent opinion piece that asks interesting questions: Presuming that he is correct and the target market of risk-averse corporate types out to make a summer blockbuster is as described, what to do? “The problem is how to keep this average moviegoer—male, 16 to 25, high school education at best, doesn’t read books, gets his news from the 11 o’clock news if he bothers at all, never heard of Mussolini and thinks Korea is another part of downtown L.A. This pimply, oversexed slob with the attention span of a chicken—how do we keep him awake and interested while staying awake and interested ourselves?” (“Blockbuster mentality killed movie creativity,”  Delaware News Journal 06/08/2003). (Here’s one hint: whole bunches of moviegoers have gone to college, and many of us aren’t male.)

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