Monday, June 13, 2005
Cape Fear

Cape Fear

The View Through Dani’s Window

For all the violence, what is real here is the skeleton in the closet.

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You provide a scintillating breakdown.  Does it occur to you that the incest may be imaginary?  A good cinematic analogy is the recent ‘The Hostage’, where the appearance of the evil ‘Mars’ indicates the young heroines growing fear of surrendering her virginity.  So it is with Dani, I think.  The latter ‘Cape Fear’ is a bit more direct than the original or ‘The Hostage’, but the message is the same, namely: there is no exsistential terror greater than that of a young girl facing womanhood.  The reference to incest is a bold hint at the side effects of Oedipal/Electral causality.  A fact of growing up. 

Thanks for your article.

The Hang’d Man

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Memory may not be serving me well enough…Is there on-screen stuff to support a REAL incestous relationship between Dani and her father, or is this merely a TENSION we are supposed assume exists between most attractive daughters and their fathers at this stage, in this socio-economic bracket? I seem to remember a few scenes that indicated his discomfort with her budding-ness, but a far cry from anything that would establish conclusively that he was having her. Surely no one’s suggesting it’s all the same skeleton?

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Great explanation, Kristy! I thought I understood the film until the final moment when the camera closes in on the girl’s eyes and the music goes all dramatic, and then I thought “what the…?”

I found the whole film rather amusing as the only version of the story I had encountered was the Simpson’s parody. I couldn’t believe it when it showed him underneath the car! I was dissapointed that he didn’t stand on a rake (or ten) when he climbed out from under it!!!

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