Tuesday, November 02, 2004


As our U.S. readers head for the polls (hint, hint), here’s a nice film-related piece in the Washington Post’s Style section that has a pretty comprehensive description of the agitprop documentaries and pseudo-documentaries out there trying to shape your opinion. News flash: they all flopped commercially. Why? Could it be that most are just bad films? (The article notes that two of the twenty-or-so seem actually to be good, cinematically.) Of course, we at Metaphilm are not suspicious of them because self-interpreting cinema threatens our avocation and would take most of the fun out of life. No, really. Bad films are boring.

At least we’re getting something approaching truth in advertising: “Says Michael Paradies Shoob, director of Bush’s Brain, which portrays Karl Rove as a scary puppet master: ‘The pose in the documentary world used to be, we’re filmmakers and we’re not out to change the political landscape. But Michael Moore unmasked us. We are out to change the political landscape.’” Are they any more effective than a bumper sticker? We’ll see. Hopefully soon.

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