Friday, November 14, 2003

Every Man a Demiurge

A thought-provoking piece on the alternate-reality genre that includes the Matrix franchise (“People might not like to be forced or tricked into a false world. Evidently, though, they’ll jump at the opportunity to enter and exit one at will.”) starts out with this most amusing opening interpretation. But don’t miss the rest of the article. “If you want to understand the Matrix trilogy, think of it as a capsule history of baby-boom rock. The original Matrix is a three-chord riff of a movie: a simple, familiar idea—‘What if reality is a great big fake?’—amplified and transformed into an irresistible hook. The Matrix Reloaded is a 1970s prog-rock concept album: sprawling, pretentious, and ultimately incoherent, but brimming with ideas and virtuoso displays. And The Matrix: Revolutions is an over-the-hill pop star recycling someone else’s material—the sort of music you’d hear on a Michelob commercial, circa 1987.” (Jesse Walker, Reason Online, 10 Nov 2003)

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