Tuesday, December 16, 2003
'Jack' and Bob in Fight Club

Fight Club

Tyler Durden is a M*ther F#cker

Fight Club is a smart new twist on the most famous of the Greek tragedies. Jack is a modern-day Oedipus and Tyler Durden is his father, Laius.

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There seems to be a lot going on in this story that the author himself did not fully grasp. I suppose art really transcends the artists.

But the way I saw Tyler was as the equivalent of a genie. In Tyler Jack finds all his wishes answered, and as in all genie stories each wish has a hidden side. Tyler heals Jack, he’s Jack’s jackhammer, but things went out of control. Jack started to become the jackhammer itself until he woke up, at which point he ran for the plug and turned the thing off. A bit too late for some, but before he was gone for good.

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Who ever wrote that article is awesome! But I’d like to know how many times this person has actually seen “Fight Club”. If there’s anyway I can speak to this author, AIM me at: Hatinmysackness.

Posted by BigSack on 18 Oct 04 at 05:13 AM

PhilOsirus: I’d say he’s less a genie and more a monkey’s paw, though I don’t argue with your overall analysis. I preferred the “Calvin and Hobbes” comparison, however.

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Although the Calvin and Hobbes-version (were I ‘took’ my name from, obviously) was more funn-ayh, this was more serious, I think. And YES, that inclines that I think the C&H-article was a bit meant humorously. I think the author’d agree. If not, well then….We all got a sick desperation in our laugh! ARGH! Anyways, good article, man ;)

Posted by Jan Kåre "Sander" Østmark on 30 Mar 05 at 06:28 AM

This is my favorite. 

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For me i see Tyler not so much as a genie or monkey paw although they are very good interpretations, i see him as an if. As in for every situation Jack is involved with he always has a reason to do the diverse because Tyler has. Jack loses his job and so has Tyler he cuts his ties from working life to be more involved with the club. He pushes his boundaries of acceptable behaviour because Tylers behaviour is anything but, he doesnt have to know the outcome of his decisions because they will always be Tylers.

(My favourite film and probably my favourite character ever Tyler)

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