Tuesday, May 03, 2005

George Lucas, Interpretive Vindicator

George Lucas, Interpretive Vindicator

Readers often ask if our writers are kidding with some of the more outlandish or extreme interpretations on the site.  In many cases we are, and in some others, well, let’s just say…we wish we were.  Some readers were especially offended by the dark sexuality interpretation of our original Star Wars piece

But here—straight from the horse’s mouth!—is George Lucas, vindicating Metaphilm’s depth perception in a WiredOnline Q&A:  “Life and death, or ‘I really want to kill my father and have sex with my mother.’ It’s hard to talk about that kind of thing in a family situation without somebody getting upset. But in art, you can deal with those issues.” 

Oedipus, call your orifice, stat!  We are kidding, by the way, but it’s only funny if there’s some horribly tragic truth to it.

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