Monday, October 04, 2004


Malleus Gothifikarum

Psychiatrists are the new Inquisition in this horror tale of church dogma
    and state power.



so lemme get this straight.. are you recommending this film? cuz youd be the first. Id like to know since i havent seen it .. and although your essay contained spoilers galore,  it makes the film sound worth my while.

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Excellent review, I don’t recommend the film to anyone but I certainly will recommend your review.  Thanks.

Mathieu Kassovitz’s film Crimson River is also ripe with symbolism.  Maybe you could review it as well. 

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I enjoyed the whole comparison of science as the new religion analogy along with the rest of the review. See this movie in a new light, almost added a humor to it. My only disagreement is you say that people’s new faith is the faith in science. And while I can perhaps see that maybe your average person that is akin to scientific explanations more so than supernatural one might just skip doing his own research to see if the science behind the explanation is at all credible, “faith” in a scientific explanation isn’t necessary. I don’t have “faith” that gravity will work, given due explanations and experiments, and mathematical models that have scrutinized and peer-reviewed over and over, “faith” is that last thing you need. This doesn’t apply to just gravity. Also about science changing, this ability to change is one of the greatest strengths of science. All of science can be considered to be “work in progress”, a work which corrects its mistakes and which not only changes but actively improves its theories.  Other that that, I enjoyed your article very much, having watched this movie, it left me with a rather “meh” feeling about it, but it suddenly just got my interesting, and for that, I thank you.

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