Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Ideology Reloaded

This is (shudder) a Lacanian reading of the Matrix and Reloaded. Well done—and it does make sense of many things in the films—but caveat lector: will likely inspire nightmares among those familiar with and not fond of the neo-Freudian critic. “The Matrix is one of those films that function as a kind of Rorschach test, setting in motion the universalized process of recognition, like the proverbial painting of God that seems always to stare directly at you from wherever you look at it—practically every orientation seems to recognize itself in it.” Also: “What, then, is the Matrix? Simply what Lacan called the “big Other,” the virtual symbolic order, the network that structures reality for us.” (Slavoj Žižek, In These Times, June 6, 2003). His final conclusion and connection with the struggles of the ideological left is very perceptive. (Thanks to jtatsiue for the link.)

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