Sunday, July 03, 2005
Land of the Dead

Land of the Dead

America at Large

It’s a liberal’s nightmare: a whole nation of zombies questing for the American dream.

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i actually interpreted the zombies as third world (muslim?) nations with resources (oil?). scavengers come into the zombies town collect the stuff then go home. but zombies (3rd world aliens) are getting smarter to the point where they can infiltrate the city surrounded by water (america) and attack the citizens. it seemed that it was less commentary and more reenactment of the 9.11 era with a zombie theme, and a can’t we all just get along ending.

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Too agree with toonces, I’d add that the lead zombie is a “gas station attendant” who takes no small measures to off Kaufman by way off that very liquid which was his livelihood.  Sounds like a pissed-off Saudi to me.

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“searing political commentary on modern America”

It sears like warm beer, trite cliches, and limousine socialism.  How shall we ever endure the pain?

“He vents about the naiveté of the American Dream by exhibiting the terrible things both Cholo and Big Daddy do to achieve it.”

I cannot help laughing when the richest, most ruthless, and snobbiest capitalists in America vent about the naivete of the American dream.  Do they see a “little Eichmann” (to borrow from Ward Churchill) when they look in the mirror?  Do they believe trite, pathetic, and cliched pronouncements somehow absolve them of their sin?  Is limousine socialism the secular equivalent of the Catholic confessional for America’s new aristocracy?

Confession.  It is good for the soul but bad for the reputation.  How much discernment and good taste are required to know one should wash one’s soiled undergarments before hanging them out to dry?

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