Monday, October 30, 2006

Lloyd Cole, Film Interpreter

Lloyd Cole, Film Interpreter

Perennial hopeful-yet-melancholic Lloyd Cole has a new album out, Antidepressant, which is worth noting to Metaphilm fans for the song, Woman In A Bar, which is a fine tribute to both Lost In Translation as well as Girl With A Pearl Earring.  Opening lyrics:

Idealized vision of a woman through a smoke-filled,
twentieth-century screenplay, advancing,
Toward protagonist with paperback and beard,
manifestly failing, to disappear.
Now that the children are asleep, you want to play,
But you’re so lazy…
She walks into the bar,
There you are.
Still life watercolour Woman In A Window…

Other films seem to be referenced, which your publisher has not seen, and then later in the song, Cole admits what his true obsession was all along:

No longer angry,
No longer young,
No longer driven to distraction,
Not even by Scarlett Johansson.

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