Friday, June 25, 2004

Memory and the Movies

James Bowman has a great piece on memory in the movies in the new issue of the new journal from the Ethics and Public Policy Center, The New Atlantis. Includes a useful insight into 50 First Dates. Adam Sandler’s character, he suggests, “is a reminder that Don Juan is the prototypical amnesiac.  . . . Suddenly the man who specialized in forgetting women, and making them forget him, finds himself in love with a woman who can’t remember him from day to day. In a way this can be seen as a condign punishment, but in another way—and this is how Mr. Sandler, who does not specialize in humility and contrition, plays it—her condition suits him perfectly. He is doing what he has always done, attempting to charm a new girl every day, at least so far as she is concerned. From his point of view, the triumph of the fresh conquest is presumably undiminished because she is the same girl.” There’s lots of other good stuff in the article, too. Worth a look.

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