Monday, June 13, 2005

Miyazaki II

Speaking of Miyazaki, there’s more about him worth a read in the A. O. Scott piece linked below. Also, we have for your reading pleasure an article on SF Gate by Jeff Yang on the fundamental flaws of Disney animation, “Feelin’ Ghibli: A retrospective at PFA shows why Disney has a thing or two to (re)learn from Japanese animation kings Miyazaki and Takahata”: “Pixar isn’t the only asset in Disney’s portfolio capable of providing a critical transfusion of soul. Since its landmark 1996 deal with Tokuma, Ghibli’s Japanese distributor, Disney has had exclusive rights to distribute the studio’s works throughout the world outside of Asia. Despite the seismic tremors this sent through Ghibli’s fan community—who were both excited at the prospect that their beloved films might finally get a mass audience and terrified that the movies would be manhandled and misused in the process—this historic arrangement was given short shrift within Disney itself.

For the record, I saw Howl’s Moving Castle last night, and while the visuals are stunning, I prefer the book. Spirited Away is much better. While his storytelling is of a much higher caliber, Miyazaki can be just as didactic, even propagandistic, in his own way as the Disney machine.

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