Monday, September 01, 2003

Movie Therapy

An August 2003 AP story featured psychiatrist Dr. Fuat Ulus of Erie, PA, who is practicing group “film therapy.” “[T]herapists might use a movie or segment that illustrates a situation or condition that a patient is experiencing—whether the patient realizes it or not. The patient might find it easier to confront his own issue after seeing how someone in a movie handles a similar situation.” Dr. Ulus has a book on the subject, and there are also a few others on this theme (serious or perhaps not), as well as websites with therapeutic interpretations of movies like Groundhog Day and About Schmidt. Interesting connection made with “bibliotherapy”—it is indeed easier to get a patient to watch a movie than read a book.

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I think it is only natural to look for other that share ones isssues.  I think this is why so many people enjoy seeing famous people with problems. 

I think this form of therapy is very useful.  It makes people realize that they are not along.

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