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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Need We Mention This?

Need We Mention This?

Writers, if you want online glory, it goes without saying (doesn’t it?) that getting someone to mention your story, or better yet, link to your story, favorably, on any mass site like Fark, Boing-Boing, Slash/Dot, MetaFilter, Plastic, or other mega-hit generator, is pretty much like gold in your pocket, and will make you something of an overnight star.  Look, for instance, at the traffic that Todd Seavey generated by getting Reason magazine to link to his latest piece, and then from there getting someone on Boing Boing to mention it.  Perception has never been reality, but from a publisher’s (which is to say, print OR online) point of view, it doesn’t hurt to have 25,000 hits to your one piece while the pieces above and below it have less than a thousand…

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