Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Pentium Matrix

Among the more amusing entries at a Matrix weblog is this post of an e-mail received that offers the definitive answer to the creation of “The One”—the Pentium Division Error. The Wachowskis aren’t Luddites, they’re Wintel-phobes. “Clearly, the Architect is talking about the pentium division error.  If the matrix were built on more reliable hardware such as Sun systems or open-source influenced processor designs like those from transmeta, then we would be living the rest of our lives in the paradise world of the original matrix. Instead, we’re all stuck in the substandard reality. But, since the machines are just machines without souls, they went for the less expensive, lower-quality corporate-endorsed w/intel solution. We’re all paying the price now.” (Matrix Theories, June 2, 2003). It’s up to you now: Buy a Mac or Linux box today!

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