Saturday, August 27, 2005

Redeeming (or Exploiting?) the Matrix

In case you hadn’t seen the clever Matrix-esque recruiting poster from the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, here’s a link to the news story. “The response, though, seems to make sense to him. It appeals to people at a level that everyone appears to share. ‘People love heroes. The poster personifies the priest as a hero,’ he said. And it speaks of a faith that meets people exactly where they are in their lives. The poster itself says, in a parody of the words which any watcher of videos knows by heart, ‘This faith has not been modified from its original version. Yet, it is formatted to fit your life.’” (Thanks to Todd Seavey for the link.)

I’m coming to think that the posters were the best things about the two Matrix sequels, so playing off them seems appropriate. Still, one wonders. I suppose this is a step up from the typical “God’s Gym”-knockoff kitchy Christian t-shirt.

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