Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Serious Writers and the Silver Screen

Sad but probably true. “Yesterday’s fiction writers have become today’s screenwriters. In an earlier time, a thoughtful, introspective type with a passion for storytelling and a head bubbling with ideas would have been a natural short story writer. But many artists have abandoned the genre in favor of screenplays. Aspiring writers once wanted to become James Joyce or William Faulkner. Surely now they want to become Charlie Kaufman or Joe Eszterhas.” (Kelly Jane Torrance, AFF Brainwash, April 2004). Markets aside, the word can still communicate more, or deeper, than the picture, as those who have read, rather than just watched, The Lord of the Rings can attest. And of course there’s still Sturgeon’s Law to make us feel better. Come to think of it, I dare anybody to fully capture a classic Sturgeon story on film.

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