Monday, November 07, 2005

Star Wars as Postmodern Art Epic

Thanks to readers Timothy Moran and Kenneth Tan for pointing out this fascinating interpretation of the Star Wars corpus from Aidan Wasley at Slate. “Looking at these familiar films with fresh eyes, unfiltered by the lens of nostalgia and sentiment . . . we start to see just how deeply weird they really are. Three decades on, the kids who grew up playing with Luke Skywalker action figures and carrying Princess Leia lunchboxes may be startled to discover that Star Wars is really just one big elephantine postmodern art film.” Self-conscious? Self-referential? Self-absorbed? Check. Still, reading “The Force” as Plot itself certainly does help me to understand some otherwise incomprehensible moments. Wasley even breaks with postmodern convention and manages a passable critique of the film; perhaps we are finally getting beyond the excesses of theory and on to something more useful.

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