Monday, June 27, 2005
Star Wars Revenge of the SithBatman Begins

Star Wars - Batman Begins

Blazing Jedi

Are Batman and Vader twins separated at birth, or worse? I am Darth’s raging doppelganger envy. This and other mysteries herein revealed.

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What a missed opportunity. The parallels go far deeper than this essay would have you believe.

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Andy, my good man.  Of course you are correct.  Deep baby, deep indeed.  As far as what I would have a reader believe, the article is meant to open doors in a light hearted way.  It is up to you to go through them.

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Spot on.

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I think the interpretation of the Force’s demystification - with a Jedi’s potential being measured like a blood cell count - was superb (and revealed the seeming contradiction in the Jedi’s ban on conjugal unions, wouldn’t they want to breed an army of Yoda’s?). The narrative of your article (drug induced exegesis) was also extremely entertaining.

Hower, I found this comparison to be lacking:

“A savory social confusion is catalyzed by the boy’s best friend and the only one who really understands him; a grinning, lascivious and much older man—call him Alfred, Lord Sidious—always in the wings to lend a hand.”

Palpatine was driven by a lust to consume Anakin’s power to serve his own ends, a lust that made Anakin the nemesis of his loved ones and left him rasping through life support to survive. Alfred was driven by a self-sacrificial concern that led him to drag Bruce away from the burning edifice of his father’s legacy. A self-effacing care that enable Bruce to become the fulfillment of his dark visions. Palpatine and Bruce…undoubtedly old, possibly lascivious…but in no way comparable.

Posted by Hadrian on 29 Jul 05 at 11:30 PM
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