Thursday, June 19, 2003

The Hulk (and the Bunny)

The Achenbach piece on Hulk (below) also mentioned in passing the idea that Hulk “doesn’t really want to smash things, but he’s forced to do so by a cruel and unforgiving world.” This is true, but Achenbach (surprisingly, considering he works just up the street from the White House) misses the easy interpretive connection to be made with U.S. foreign policy. One charitable or optimistic reading of the last century or more of U.S. involvement internationally might be called the Bugs Bunny Theory. Consider the typical Bugs cartoon (the best of which are now unfortunately politically incorrect): Our hero, peacefully strumming his banjo, is disturbed by the Martian, Elmer Fudd, or a mad scientist, with disastrous consequences for the latter—“Of course, you realize that this means war.” Consider also that there are at least two Bugs cartoons where our hero becomes something of a Hulk himself (in his case, a bunny Hyde and a space Neanderthal). The moral of the story: leave the bunny/Banner/boy scouts alone, or we can’t answer for the consequences.

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