Monday, November 03, 2003

The Matrix as hip philosophy textbook

A discussion of the Matrix and philosophy craze, with a punchy conclusion. “Yet we can’t ignore the fact that the best philosophers have always been deeply engaged with the popular culture of their time. Socrates was always ready with a quotation from Homer, for example, while Nietszche had a long infatuation, then a very public break, with the composer Richard Wagner. And it is Plato whose most significant work is in many respects a long meditation on the moral hazards of mass culture.” (Andrew Potter, “The Matrix as hip philosophy textbook: Intellectual strip-mining of pop culture by academics is as old as Socrates,” National Post (Canada), Saturday, November 01, 2003). It’s all in Plato. What do they teach them in the schools these days? Thanks to Relapsed Catholic for the link.

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