Thursday, May 22, 2003

The Matrix way of knowledge

Reasonably insightful piece on Salon.  “This is the pop carnival of souls where the Matrix films rightly take their place—the flea market of genre movies and rumors of God that, for many these days, is the only portal left into the meaning of it all.” Interesting: “The Matrix comes to resemble the multifarious world of shamanism rather than the black-and-white world of the Christian afterlife.” (Erik Davis, “The Matrix way of knowledge,”, May 21, 2003 [must watch ad to view whole article]). A virtuoso performance, but flubs the landing.

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It’s true, “The Matrix Way of Knowledge” makes some good points before it crash lands.  Talk about your disappointing build ups!  Erik Davis did his homework, and really sets up the groundwork for a great final-secene revelation.  But then he fails to deliver in the end! 

That being said, what Davis does best is to demonstrate how well “The Matrix Reloaded” builds on “The Matrix” concepts.  On of the points, well worth chewing on, is that what’s really worth analyzing is what happens between the Matrix world and the ‘real’ world.  A prime example of this are the vampires that attack Neo and company.  Vampires, as we know, are betwixt and between our dream and waking states.  They are nightmares that through our novels, poetry, cinema… have evolved into monsters which have intruded into the ‘real’ world.   

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